By now you know, the rules are always a big break, but they are essential to not create "problems" between the various members of the community. Since the server regulations are always the same, below you will find the "main" rules to follow:


Section 1: Rules of Conduct

  • 1-1: All users / Friend must maintain correct behavior towards staff and other users

  • 1-2: Disclosure of any private information of another person without his permission is prohibited

  • 1-3: Any Insult or / and discrimination (Homophobe, Racial, and Sexist) is punishable

  • 1-4: Any spam attempt will be punished

  • 1-5: Don't scream in public rooms

  • 1-6: The "Soundboard" is forbidden in public rooms

  • 1-7: users cannot give orders to staff

  • 1-8:  ALL users are asked to report any pex or server bug

  • 1-9: Don't swear in public rooms

  • 1-10: Do not use nicknames / avatars / descriptions containing offensive / vulgar phrases

  • 1-11: Don't pretend you're a staffer

  • 1-12: Any damage to the server will be punished with Ban Perma

  • 1-13: Do not provoke the staff in any way (e.g. from bannami)

  • 1-14: Any damage / fraud against users is punishable by ban

  • 1-15: no IP spam in private chat

  • 1-16: don't abuse bugs


Section 2: Rules of the rooms

  • 2-1: Private rooms / Crew are [U] required to be set with the password

  • 2-2: For the creation of private rooms, contact "Admin" or "ts technician"

  • 2-3: The "channel admin" is totally responsible for what happens in his room

  • 2-4: Do not use offensive or vulgar names and descriptions

  • 2-5: In private rooms you can (Blaspheme and use Soundboard)

  • 2-6: If a Youtuber / Streamer wants a Sub-channel (Rec or Publish) it must apply

  • 2-7: Don't make your temporary room / Perma a spacer


Section 3: Staff Regulations

  • 3-1: Any Staffer can be punished for abusing power

  • 3-2: Depexxare ONLY with authorization from Server Admin

  • 3-3: Do not put Pex Staffer without authorization

  • 3-4: The staff is free to choose the punishment time

  • 3-5: If the staffer wants, he can give warnings or give a second chance

  • 3-6: If within 2 calls a user / Friend does not execute orders, possibly kick him with motivation or ban with a maximum of 5 minutes



Recall that even the staff can be reported for failure to comply with one or more rules, as well as for any abuse: to do this, just have proof (even a screen in the chat log).


Temporary and permanent bans will be released to players who break the rules. The ban type and ban period will be set according to the broken rule.